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Corner Sofa Bed with storage- Newark Corner Sofa Bed with storage- Newark
Swietny mebel. Zdecydowanie polecam.
Niesamowity mebel wykonany po mistrzowsku z wielką precyzją oraz bardzo...
Sofa Bed Aga Sofa Bed Aga
Fantastyczna kanapa, pieknie wykonczona, wykonana z ogromna precyzja. W...
corner honey corner honey
polecam do mniejszych pomieszczen swietny zgrabny naroznik posiadam wersje z...
Wall Unit Link-chocolate Wall Unit Link-chocolate
Jakość wykonania bardzo dobra


Otrzymałam meble po 3 tygodniach, takie jak zamawiałam. Jakość dostarczonych...


I recommend shopping at this store, good quality furniture, fast and free...


Bardzo jestem zadowolona z dostarczonych mebli. Otrzymalam dokladnie takie...


Umeblowałem prawie całe mieszkanie w tym sklepie,cała transakcja i dostawa...


Meble dobrej jakości,fachowa obsługa,dostawa na czas.Polecam zakupy w tym...



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MixFurniture - Furniture Ideas for Every Room

Start the New season in 2016, and many new products and more attractive promotions. We have expanded the list of available fabrics also makes our upholstered furniture available for even the most demanding customers.


Corner Sofa Bed Rico,Wall Unit Sydney,Bedroom Furniture Set Linda

Our furniture - ideal look - amaze with charm and functionality. To care for your comfort and safety we choose the furniture items manufactured from best quality material. In our shop you will find the best furniture sets and items of highly-renowned suppliers,

                            To inform the shop currently operates only in catalog,                      this means that you can not submit orders until further notice. This situation is the result of recalculation of prices, marketing of new products and a thorough checking of manufacturers in terms of quality of the furniture. Restoring the pre-sale is scheduled for 10.01.2017.
                                                 Sorry for the inconvenience

Featured products

  • WALL UNIT HUGO 1 Wall unit Hugo 1 is a modern furniture designed for timeless interiors. Their characteristic feature is an interesting design and unique coloration.Wall unit Hugo 1 wonderfully adorn every living room. Will be perfect for youth room. Brand new on the market.

  •  Set 3+1+1 LordSofa and two armchairs Lord set 3 + 1 + 1 consists of two comfortable chairs, and an equally comfortable couches. Made from high quality materials allow for comfortable use for many years. Thanks to the many ornaments in the form of wooden inserts and blast through This set very stands out against the background of other sets.

  • Bedroom Furniture Set Linda   Linda 240 bedroom set is a very modern bedroom, which includes a large bed with frame and mattress, wardrobe with dimensions of 243/210/57 cm, dresser, mirror and two bedside tables. All components finished in high gloss with very good quality laminated board. Functionality and modernity so the easiest way to characterize...

  • BOND Kitchen furniture set - large Bond Kitchen Furniture Set - Large this are fashionable and comfortable furniture with modern design. They can be easily placed in any kitchen. Made from high quality laminated board, which is resistant to abrasion and scratching. The table top is protected by a PVC foil. The upholstery is made from leatherette.

  • Corner Sofa Bed Porto 3 Corner Sofa Bed with sleep function and storage-Porto 3   Corner sofa bed Porto 3 Functional and comfortable corner with sleep function. High impact on comfort bonellu applies in the seat, and Pur foam. An additional advantage of the corner is a large container for bedding on the machine opened up.  

  • Sofa Aston Our sofas are guaranteed comfort and relaxation. Fashionable and modern with interesting shapes adorn sofas in every home.. We are confident that they will serve for a long time and are the perfect complement to any room, living room or any other room.There are many exciting sofas in our store in the UK Mixfurniture. We recommend!  

  • Bedroom Furniture Set Dora   We offer you a set of bedroom furniture from the collection of Dora glamorous and modern furniture with a very robust design, which certainly will give charm and beautiful appearance of each bedroom. Furniture in high gloss finish laminated board PVC edges and scratch-resistant and moisture.

  • SYSTEM FURNITURE KORSO  Youth furniture Korso is a the Modern set, yet highly simple furnishings youth. The kit consists of beds, cabinets, shelving, desk drawers, shelf, and a bedside table .In original pieces of furniture incorporate large holders mounted on the drawers and cabinets that are made of plastic. The bed has two drawers for bedding.

  • Bathroom Furniture Set Aura    The Aura of bathroom furniture is a combination of high-quality cabinets with laminated board 16mm thick PCV edges finished resistant to moisture and scratches. The set consists five elements including the sink, available in two colors (black and white) in freely chosen by your combination.

  • Corner Sofa Jola Jola corner sofa bed has a simple form and designem.Jola is one of the smaller corners of the offer of MixFurniture. Comfortable functional corner perfectly serve the entire family, offering comfort and convenience. It has a sleep function, and a container for bedding, an additional advantage is Jola corner shelf mounted in the belly of...

  • Sofa Set Boston 3+2+1 Seating Boston 1 + 2 + 3. The construction of the furniture is made of wood, plywood and particle board. The seat springs are used for corrugated and foam a high elastic HR on the back, waist elastic highly elastic foam and fluffy non-woven fabric, which gives us a very high level of comfort during use.

  • Table Boston Table Boston is a very attractive table that can be set out and height adjust to suit. It is a modern and very spacious product. Impresses with its perfect performance and durability. Table is ideally suited for living room and dining room.

  • Corner sofa Bed Bergen  Corner sofa bed Bergen, large, functional and comfortable corner sofa bed with storage for bedding. New 2015 Year. High comfort through the use of high density foam and wave spring. An additional advantage of the corner is the bedding on the machine opened up.

  • System Furniture City System Furniture City is a modern a composition of furniture, which is ideally suited to the youth room, as well as children. Furniture System City is a practical solution planning even small spaces. Are characterized by high quality workmanship and interesting design.

  • Sofa Bed Area  Sofa bed Area is perfect piece of furniture for the living room and youth room. Sofa bed about a straight shape with an interesting stitching,looks very modern.Sofa with sleeping function and a container for bedding. 

  •  Dining Room Furniture Balance   Dining Room Furniture Balance is a traditional-style natural wood furniture that one could meet in homes years ago. Balance set of furniture for the dining room is a return to the of styling of the past years, the combination of originality and modernity and functionality. Balance furniture - modern dining room how to...

  • Corner Sofa Bed Martin with electric relaxation function  Martin Corner Sofa Bed is a perfect for the most demanding customers,who are looking for trendy products, practical and high quality.Corner sofa   has a electric relaxation function-armchair.Multi-adjustable head restraints, sleeping function and container for bedding.Timeless corner for the living...

  • Armchair Choco  Choco  is a multipurpose armchair which helps to relax after a busy day. It has been designed to the body shape, which promotes faster recovery. Is useful in any stylish living room and guest room. It will be a favorite armchair in your home.

  • Comfortable Corner Sofa Bed Gio   Gio is a modern, comfortable and large size (292x242cm), a sofa corner with sleep function and bedding container, which is equipped with automatic support Dismantling and chrome legs. To perform this furniture has been used materials of the highest quality and wave springs and PU foam.

  • Sofa Atila    Sofa bed Atila is perfect piece of furniture for the living room and youth room.Sofa bed about a straight shape with an interesting stitching,looks very modern.Sofa with sleeping function and a container for bedding

  • Sofa Set Porto II (3+2)  Living room furniture set Porto II consists of two comfortable sofas (3 + 2). Made of high quality materials allow for comfortable use for many years. Thanks to numerous to ornaments in the form of blast through set this very stand out against other sets. 

  • Corner sofa Bed Octans with storage      Octans is a beautiful and modern corner with sleep function and bedding container. The latest solutions used in furniture, a wide range of colors, comfort and convenience so you can characterize this piece of furniture.

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